A heady mix of reflection and dumplings

So I was totally bowled over by the messages I had about the last post. Not just niceties, but serious stuff. Pleas for help, words of thanks and friendship. The conversations had as a result have been incredible.
Real life conversations are not always as easy.
When I walk into work on Saturday I look on the desk at the topic for English Club: “Depression and Anxiety”.
It’s funny that this topic just happened to come up this week. I am asked if I will be staying for the club. I think not.
Not because this isn’t something I think it’s important to speak about. Quite the opposite. I’d like to think myself capable of engaging people in conversation about this.
But not when there’s this elephant in the room (and no, I’m not talking about me, despite the huge amount of cake consumed recently…)
I ask what the stance on mental health is in Ukraine. Apparently it’s to have a drink and stop worrying.
All I can do is agree with a shaky laugh and then leave. Pathetic. One day I’ll be brave enough.
While standing outside waiting for my friend, I am reminded of this advert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dTgAGeNRpw
I thank my lucky stars every day for people who are brave enough to have these conversations.
In other news…..
We made vareniki (a kind of dumpling) with cabbage, potato and cheese

Amanda seems happy about this little fact 🙂 Love this girl.
Erinn and I went to the seaside and for a wander in a monastery, and we managed to only get told off once!

Everyone loves a mirror photo….

Disobedient cheese…
English tea latte…
And, of course, beer.
A 90s Sainsbury’s bag somehow turned up in our local Accessorize….
I took a little walk back in time

And Odessa weekends get better and better

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