Ukraine- what would Rango do?

Just a few snaps from our little Eastern European adventure to Kiev and Odessa in Ukraine.

Things we learnt in Ukraine: Our Russian is really not that good. Don’t buy 80p ‘chardonnay’. DO buy 60p bottled gin and tonic. Train stations can be beautiful. Lost and confused Americans are grateful for helpful British students in such stations (yes we are “awesome”). Chilli flavoured vodka is an acquired taste. Aerosvit is an interesting airline with a habit of stealing other people’s planes. Penelope’s name is obviously pronounced Penelopa. My name must be said with my surname and an exclamation mark (Hello Elise Morton!). Why have two dumplings when you can have twenty? Taxi drivers will happily threaten not to give you your suitcases back unless you give them more money, and will maintain that it is YOUR fault that they don’t know where they’re going. Jamie is a romantic, apparently just like Pushkin. Ukraine loves Rango, and now we do too. Rhiannon loves tea and I love her for that. Cheese fondue is surprisingly hard to make, but Mollie is a great chef. Always find something to hold on to on the metro, people do not appreciate it when you fall on top of them. Do, however, take pets on the metro. There is such a thing as chocolate margarine (who knew?). Don’t ask a policeman for a cup of tea, he will get mad and demand to see your passport. Penelope has the potential for some classic one-liners. Don’t order random things from the drinks menu in a Georgian restaurant, you will end up with crisps and a Martini glass of peanuts when you were hoping for lemonade. Overnight trains are the most fun thing ever, apart from great friends, who make trips like this absolutely unforgettable.


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